September 10, 2008
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How to learn to dance the Tango

Let’s look at a little history of the Tango, Argentina, and Tango around the world back then and now. What is that think which inspires you most about Tango Argentine? It is the music, the embrace, the passion, the excitement, the desires and everything associated with the way it stimulates you are the answers given by about ten of the regular but prominent tango dance enthusiast when ask the above question.

How to learn to dance the Tango

It takes 2-to-Tango, so you must first and foremost understand that learning to dance Tango involves connection. You’ll need to begin familiarizing yourself with the many forms of connection when two bodies get together. From the casual shake of the hand to a kiss on the cheek, a hug or casual embrace and then a full embrace, to movements and the experience of friction cause when two-bodies through momentum develop cohesion which turns into the energies of Form & Expression. The steps are less complicated once you understand how to connect.

Do you have what it takes to become a good listener, guide and professional instructor? Then a first come first serve opportunity is being put into place for the new certificate granting T&B™ courses schedule to begin on October 11th, 2008 and will run for 3-weeks. (Locations are in midtown Manhattan)
The following T&B
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T&B™ Fitness –placements available in over 11-NYC Gyms.

T&B™ Kids - Teach kids ages 7-11 at public schools.

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T&B™ for patients with Parkinson's - An outpatient program for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

T&B™ Instructors - Open your own or become a partner with a new dance center.

Placement opportunities are available upon the completion of each course. various locations throughout New York City includes: gyms, public schools, university, clinics and hospitals. To signup call or go to:


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The Heat Issue

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Learning The Argentine Tango
How to learn more details – There are three (3) stages in learning to dance the Tango. These stages are connected to who you are and the personality which exist in you. Tango opens you up to socializing therefore if you are not equip enough to socialize you can find learning to dance the Tango extremely difficult and highly complicated to say the least.
Once you have understood the above you are ready to move on to the second stage. The second stage is learning a series of steps (the basic 8) accompanied by a number of variations in these very same steps. It’s the beginner class and the lesson can be taught to you in a group or private session. Michael suggest that you study with one person or private instructor all the basic steps until you are confident that you can remember them along with a few simply variations (add-ons). This can take as little as a day or up to twelve sessions (practica-sessions). After you have learnt the basic 8-steps and you’re confident enough? Michael suggest that you go out and dance with friends only and practice your basic steps for a minimum of 3-months constantly at least twice each week for about 2-hours. Unless you are planning on becoming a professional dancer/performer of the Tango or you need to learn the T&B™ program instructors course in which you will obtain the: “Instructors Guide to Argentine Tango” wherein you can become a teacher of the Tango? Then you should stick to the basics.
Enquire about intermediate and advance Tango lessons only after you have been practicing and dancing the basic Tango steps for a minimum of 3-months.

The Tango Today
Tango Argentine more details – continues from page one
First the history of Tango in its origination has nothing to do with the people of Argentina. “Argentine Tango” or “Tango Argentine” nonetheless, it is depicted only by a time and genre. There was a time in the world when a most common feeling was associated with the rich who found that their wealth was not the answer to all their happiness and social fun. This made Argentina a most appropriate place for escaping in order to facilitate those desires. For example visiting the bordellos.

The rich were confident that news of their flirtations would not reach their homes not even a single trace or sign of their misbehaviors. Nothing really did matter, so it was then and so it is today nothing doesn’t seem to make a difference.  The genuine social Argentine would quicker assume themselves to be as good, rich and sophisticated as the person to whom they’re hosting. If there is ever a criticism from an Argentine socialite it’s usually sarcastic, meaningless and would not venture out of the immediate social realm of things. The rich back then were more concern about who, where and when they were being noticed and certain western societies found that the close embrace engaged with a complete stranger to be harmful and highly immoral. Not so was Argentina then and I don’t think they care anymore who you are today.

As is Argentina today strategically situated similar to a geographic zone or place of escape, very often many middle class and wealthier people from around the world venture into this historical culture they have found only in Argentina it was possible to escape and indulge themselves lasciviously. The term Argentine then spread where ever the Tango gave birth therefore it is right to attach Argentine to any form or innate expression consistent with intent to hide yourself as you give in to the temptation of social pleasure. When you return to your homes, when ask where you were all night? You can safely say I was dancing the Tango, What? The “Argentine Tango”. No more questions will follow because what you do on the dance floor stays on the dance floor.

But this has nothing to do with the quality of Argentine born Tango Dancers. Instead it has everything to do with an escape into a realm (A Time Capsule) where it seams like everyone is equal and having fun and socializing becomes unbelievably captivating.

Western living on the other hand has changed tremendously and today the rich and wealthier people do not care to hide their lascivious acts. If you can make it to Argentina Tango would be the least of the pleasures available to you. In fact the rich people today now take the lead in what was understood (or misunderstood) as immoral behavioral patterns.

In theory this is actually what happens for a few hours even at milongas around the world. Yes! It’s rather be called “Argentine Tango” and nothing else truly matters.

At the milongas (Tango Party) the dance is aligned anti-clockwise, so while you are dancing it can feel like you’re constantly trying to turn back time – a way of saying you may not be satisfied with your present passions and perhaps you might have missed something.
(hence the reason some dancers seems to run around much quicker than others)
You try to capture this between the now and the next partner you’re likely to dance the Tango with.

Though the Tango (Mango) originated in the Caribbean, and the steps found its way into certain streets of Argentina? Though, the best tango dancers are not necessarily from Argentina? Though the culture of “Tango” music and dance outside of Argentina, the bandonian, flute, piano or violin is in reality a term used for “2” as in the NUMBER-2, and the fact that Tango and Dance is often associated with the connection of mainly two individuals in a social setting, it is sometimes a misleading statement if you were to believe when you hear someone saying that Argentine Tango is 100% Argentine.

The term used when a social tango party (Milonga) is managed or hosted by 100% Argentine (leaders or followers) is rather a depreciating characterization of how much fun you should expect at this milonga dance tango party – Outside of Argentina!
It’s a different story if you’ve taken a trip from around the world and Argentina is one of your destinations.
As far as what inspires people most about Argentine Tango? All the above answers (front page) are incorrect.

Argentine music which primarily includes the use of primitive instruments that depicts an era of ignorance (lack of education) in its players are no different if we were to create for example an electronic bandonian accompanied by an orchestra of 7 to 20 pieces and place them into Alice Tully-hall or symphony space and challenge today’s audience attention similar to another opera or symphony orchestra? The music will attract the critics likewise and as any other and the audience may or may not appreciate it.

The Tango on the other hand is about genres, people and time. You can dance and feel the passion of Tango to the music of Bob Marley, Britney Spears or a piece played from The New York Metropolitan Opera. You can take the Tango out of the music but you cannot take the Dance (Passion) out of the Tango.

The Rose of New York Tango
The Rose of New York Tango – It takes two to Tango, and though it is difficult to bring about the number “2” in a city that is made up of “5” boroughs, we have cautiously selected the picture of “2” roses in order to create a fashion statement of connection. The New York Rose of Tango also depicts the “2” (double personality) extremes associated with most Tango Dancers.

New York Tango Calendar
The 2009 Tango Calendar Ad – The New York City Calendar is beautifully designed and will depict a quality and standard of Tango Dance in New York for the past Decade. Pictures of dancing in Central park, the Seaport, Original-all-niters and friends and more Friends of the Tango Dance and New York City.
When Catharine and I first thought of the Idea it was an immediate -- go-ahead! Your input as a dancer is greatly appreciated whether your photos are included or not we hope you place your request for a copy quickly, because it’s all about you.

Dance Instructors wanted
Dance Instructors Opportunity – Dancers are invited to enroll into an instructor’s placement opportunity presented by Forster’s Dance Network ( ) To register call or email to receive an orientation, an instructors manual and a guide to Michael Foster's T&B™ Dance Programs. Free instructors guide when you schedule for the lessons, a detail explanation of the course programs will be given.
Dance Instructors placements opportunities are also available only for participants who have paid in full their tuition and have completed the entire program course they've chosen.

New York's Largest Weekly Milonga Under Fire
Dance Manhattan blog report – Though we have decided to avoid reporting on specific venues and milonga locations, Michael has insisted on the publication of this story:
The long running Milonga (Tango Dance Party) sponsored by Dance Manhattan Ballroom, Swing and Latin studios 39 west 19 street is under heavy artillery from the promoters who’s attempt to take control of social tango in New York City is stopping at nothing. Like the ex-governor “Eliot_Spitz” they’re like a steam roller, you’d either get out of their way or they will harm your milonga, harm your students and even insult your favorite dance partner.
Dance Manhattan of course has its own internal challenges since lately maternity beliefs has increased and constantly rising. As if this could not be enough it has compound the more reason for what (Michael calls the Tango mafia Network) to launch all out remedies and attacks proposing a slow and painful boycott of the largest and longest running weekly milonga (Tango Dance Party) in New York City. A similar “Rhetoric” would be for us to say “We cannot let this happen” but I don’t think so….says Michael, (Rival of the Tango Mafias- TP/RC/RL-and others). I will perhaps go out on a Monday night in a less conspicuous manner, in fact I would try going out to the all night milonga a little more often, perhaps support 92nd Y, swing by the Triangulo or even Drop in at Lucile Krasner’s Tango and Tapa sometime this fall or winter…anything to persuade a few people not to prolonged their Monday night choices.  Maybe Maria Franganilla and Robin Thomas can accompany themselves with a voucher for support. That way we can anticipate great and positive-influence to Tango dancing usually available each Monday night for perhaps another decade on location at Dance Manhattan Ballroom, Swing and Latin studios.
(These statements are those of the writer and are not deemed partly, or in these and other regards an excerpt of the general intent of our newsletter. Questions or concerns pertaining to this and other similar articles are to be address to the writer in particular. Newsletter reserves the right to disassociate itself from any comments negative or inappropriately miscarried by you or any of its readers)

Free Dance lessons at City Locations Starts in November

Free dance lessons in bars around the city – During the month of November. Michael Foster’s Dance Network will be introducing free dance lesson at a number of popular venues throughout the 5-boroughs of New York City beginning in the month of November.
They are to include: Bars, Restaurants, Dance Schools, Social Clubs, Gyms and Private Studios. Updates are available at Forum.

South Street Seaport Tango
Sundays all Summer – The South Street Seaport Tango “Show & Tell” Dancing continues, though all the upheavals and innocent discrepancies. Some things are best un-said or better have never been said. But we who believe should remember that if there is never (Free) dancing at the South Street Seaport again after this year we have only ourselves to be blamed.
C-you in 7:30-11pm on Sunday SAYS Michael.

New York Tango Bar
NYTB – New York Tango Bar was established 5-years ago. Http:// Rooftop Tango con Swing, Tango Lounge and Milonga Tradicional. The events are coming again, bigger, better and we will be invited the best Tango and Friends Argentina has to offer.

New York Tango
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