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September 17, 2008
Newsletter...2nd Issue
Lead News: The Milonga  Women's Fashion in Tango Today  The Russian Tangueros Y Tangueras Passion Seduction & Attraction The Cost of The Embrace NYC Top Instructors NYC Top Host NYC Best 10 FOLLOWERS MIchael's Apologies...Again? The HEAT ISSUES.

The Milonga (Tango Dance Party)

Make no mistakes the milongas of New York City are not to be compared with the present successful milongas of Buenos Aires or should it ever be made a replica for distinct comparison. It is a predominant façade to associate going out to dance Tango in the big apple as if it would be (make belief) with intent that you are about to have an experience similar to that of Buenos Aires Argentina....More

Russian Tangueros Y Tangueras
Whether it is the truth or not, Russians Tangueros Y Tangueras influence certain New York City milongas (Tango Dance Party) more than you would like to believe.
They call themselves “The Russians” you can hear a colonial Argentine remark often made by
Juan Pablo (La nacional) “The Russians R Hear”....More

Women's Fashion in Tango Today

Tango dancing has more to do with dancing than going out to sometimes more than one Milonga (Tango Dance Party) each night of the week. Over the years we have notice two lovely women from the New York Tango scene who are experience fashion designers advancing themselves into the mainstream of a highly competitive industry...More

The Passion, Seduction & Attraction

Passion, Seduction and Attraction
emotions of the Tango is biblical in some ways and can become (in its chapters) quite religious in the many terms associated with the person relative to the Tango Dancing experiences. Who the listener is, is the most important condiment applicable to the conversation about…More

The Cost of The Embrace NYC Top Instructors NYC Top Host NYC Best 10 FOLLOWERS MIchael's Apologies...Again?

The Heat Issue

The Heat Issue
The Heat Issues

Placement opportunities are available upon the completion of each course. various locations throughout New York City includes: gyms, public schools, university, clinics and hospitals.

The Milonga (Tango Dance Party)
The Milonga more details Make no mistakes the milongas of New York City are not to be compared with the present successful milongas of Buenos Aires or should it ever be made a replica for distinct comparison. It is a predominant façade to associate going out to dance Tango in the big apple as if it would be (make belief) with intent that you are about to have an experience similar to that of Buenos Aires Argentina.

The experience generated from going out on an afternoon or evening of tango dancing is synonymous and whole-heartedly dependant upon the partner you happen to dance with. This is the experience that is often made difficult for most people to translate or put into words in order to substantiate what are their exact feelings immediately before, during and after attending the Milonga
(Tango Dance Party).

Granted; often most of us are made to belief that a particular Milonga is named after or decorated in a style with the hopes of generating a feel
(look-a-like) of Argentina, but that is an approach only to fascinate the beginner causing them to think perhaps this is the way people have fun in Buenos Aires Argentina. Wrong! This feeling however is not something any known, tango promoter or producer can stop. Why? Because the Tango is like an addiction and what makes an addiction sticks?
Largely what is based on a first experience... Ironically many seasoned Tangueros Y Tangueras continue with the façade that the next time they’re out dancing they expect to cogitate the same older past feelings, this only give way to control from those who are knowledgeable and experience.

Finally after all is said and done the enthusiastic beginner makes up their minds to travel to Buenos Aires with one thing on their mind…Tango. Fact is, by thinking this way they have now emerge themselves in the proper mind set that everyone needs to have when you’re about to go out to a Milonga…Tango Dancing in New York City, Hawaii or Buenos Aires Argentina. 

Russian Tangueros Y Tangueras
Russians more details – continues from page one
In the likeness of those who mostly aren’t a bearer or haven’t felt the influence by the “R” in your night out Tango Dancing, consider yourself special.

On the other hand there is noticeably quite an intake of the “R” nonsense to this extent we (Newsletter) hope to clarify a few of the “Make Beliefs”.
There are two (2) types of Russian Tangueros Y Tangueras, the ones who pay and the ones who will never pay. The Russians of the New York Tango scene are quite sophisticated, an audios group by our best terminologies. There are (as with everyone else) the upsides and the downsides of such an audios group of people.

The “R” in Tango that often pays – are seldom noticed or even recognized. They are often highly accomplished individuals, light speakers/talkers who appear to be always lingering in the midst of everything that’s going on. You sometimes would not notice their entrance or their exit unless it was brought to your attention. They are your iconic patrons who will always support each Milonga with pleasant and good intentions.

The other “R” in the New York Tango scene are not so. They are not so…, they are different from the above.
Women's Fashion in Tango
Tango dancing has more to do with dancing than going out to sometimes more than one Milonga (Tango Dance Party) each night of the week. Over the years we have notice two lovely women from the New York Tango scene who are experience fashion designers advancing themselves into the mainstream of a highly competitive industry.
Andrea Katz and Alicia Muggetti are our chosen women in fashion, dance, some art and lots of styles. Each of these women bear a distinct theme associated with the notable extremes found in The Rose of New York Tango. The contrast is unequal in any measure of balance, sophistication and common appreciation for taste from the fashion enthusiastic apprentice to the well cultured and heavenly mannered individuals.

The fashion of Ms. Katz swivels in fatherless emotions and discounted demeanors bearing undertones of want, attention and the colloquial mannerism of desperate need.

Whereas on the other hand the fashions by Alicia Muggetti is quip with the exploration of fantasies, colorful emotions and the pronunciation of elegant splendor aligned with a taste and touch of- class which makes you feel like you can take a deep breath into yourself without an immediate desire to exhale.

The extremes are distant apart in culture, couture, fabric, statement, cost and durability. But quite similar by the possessive passion noticeable in both the individuals personality.  The 2-extremes go on too influence intent: to generate volume sales and brand awareness among a selective few and/or to moderate, associate and evaluate the minds and hearts of its patrons.

We salute these two women in fashion and Tango and hope their vision in styles accomplish their hearts desires.
Andrea Katz Fashions:
Alicia Muggetti fashions:

(Newsletter does not promise, associate, negate, relate or include itself as an authority on fashion criticism. These statements are those of the writer and are not deemed partly, or in these and other regards an excerpt of the general intent of our newsletter. Newsletter reserves the right to disassociate itself from any comments negative or inappropriately miscarried by you or any of its readers)

Passion Seduction & Attraction

The emotions of the Tango is biblical in some ways and can become (in its chapters) quite religious in the many terms associated with the person relative to the Tango Dancing experiences. Who the listener is, is the most important condiment applicable to the conversation about…
Tango Passion is consistent with the experiences you encounter when you become silent and Do Not Speak while a force is being invoked unto you or similarly when you are about to invoke a force in nature unto another person to whom most of the times you happen to be holding in a close-embrace.

Seduction is consistent to when, and if ever, while you have that unexpected opportunity during the dance by which you are summoned to seduction (Given the option to corrupt the normalcy of your partners reasonable expectation). Herein you can either-reduce your partner to a palpable icon devoted to your seductive intentions (however you choose to exhibit) to simplifying your options by resounding to flattery, smile and feel like you are the greatest. In that way your future partners will not surprise you, though this can occasionally happen to the best of us.

Attraction is consistent to the touch, from everything which includes but are not subjected to the garments being worn (Or Not) to the strength and sturdiness of a cohesive inline thigh felt during a poise while dancing the Tango. Attraction is not synonymous to someone’s popularity or how much moves they can exhibit. It is mostly generated by considerable amounts of attention to details while that person is dancing. These considerations can be noticed and experienced while seated as an un-looker and most excitedly if you are the one dancing and having the same experience.

The Top 10 Tango Dance Instructors
The Top Ten Tango Instructors were chosen base on their years of Experience, Vocabulary, Personality and Dance-Leadership.
They are:
#10- Hernan Brazuela
#09- Tioma Moloratsky
#08- Anthony Blackwell (Milonga)
#07- Adam Copenhagan
Javier García/Moira Sauane (Nuevo)
Jak Karako (Mix)
Stefan Zawistowski
#03- Armondo Orzuza
(Tie with) Oliver Kolker
#02- Robin Thomas
(Tie with) Anton Gazenbeek
#01- Paul Pellicorro

With Consolation and special interest to the development of “From & Expression” in the art of Dance: Instructor- Michael Foster’s Technique & Balance™ program encompasses a combination of the body language techniques used by super models and the basic steps found in Argentine Tango.

The Cost of The Embrace
I pay up to $200 dollars each week lamented one follower, in lessons and going out to the milongas. Thousands not hundreds are the real cost to dance tango most people believe. Well for a moment I’ve been convince that there is much money running about the Tango Milonga experience, most of which are divided into multiple divisions of the Milonga (Tango Dance Party). But the cost of the embrace is what seems to be the most revealing carnality found in this type of reveling. The socialite Tanguero Y Tanguera have constantly fought with the contours abrasively laced and the total experience extracted by the most costly of all dimensions characterized by the Tango Dancing. This is no small concern, make no excuse whether it’s the music, the fashion, friendship or prospective friendships it really does not matter. What matters is that without sometimes having a proper estimate of what it would really cost popular Tangueros Y Tangueras gasp at why? They have spent so much and look what has happen. The EMBRACE, cause many to have eternal regrets. Don’t be mistaken by any other above the “Tango Embrace” if you’ve never understand it; you will at least become very much aware that it can never cost nearly as much as any other social embrace.

New York's Top 10 Tango Dance Followers
The Top Ten Tango Followers were chosen base on Dance Floor Morale notice by their Patience, Articulation and Style when taking the lead.
They are:
#10- Andrea Katz
Maria Jose Sosa
#08- Mariela Franganilla
#07- Angeles Chanaha
#06- Karina Romero
#05- Rebecca Schulman
#04- Carina Moeller
#03- Alicia Cruzado
#02- Valeria Solomonoff
#01- Miwa Kaneko

Top 10 Milonga Do's and Don'ts


a) Never rush in your preparation to attend the milonga.
b) Never take a NYC TAXI in order to get to the Milonga a few minutes earlier.
c) Never apologize (followers) whilst on the dance floor
d) Do not take unnecessary measures like skipping trains or busses solely because you think you will get to the Milonga a few minutes earlier.
e) Never say no to strangers (followers) always ask for an excuse if you do not want to dance.
f) Never argue before attending the Milonga
g) Don’t ever go out broke (Leaders) have enough money confidence booster.
Absolute Do’s:

a) Make Cleanliness your guide before attending all Dance Tango Nights
c) Avoid overly seducing methods (Keep your hands and fingers in check)
b) Don’t lie on the dance floor
c) Remain sturdy (Leaders) at all times, be patient she won’t be upset with you.
f) Compliment your partner honestly at all times
g) Accept responsibility and apologize always during bumping even if you are right.
h) Take care and be considerate when proposing to a stranger
I) Be confident and smile before and after a rejection
j) Cautiously evade those who are eternally superior
k) Invite cautiously your partner on and off the dance floor in the right direction.  

New York's Top 10 host and déjà's:
These decisions were made based on professional courtesy, respect and tolerance.
Host and déjà's:
#10-Adam- Wednesdays
#09-Jose and Silvanna- Mondays
#08-Jorge Torres- Dance Studio 101
#07-Carlos De Chey- Sandra Cameron Saturdays
#06-Trey and Rick- Central Park Saturdays
#05-Maria  Jose, Juan Pablo and Coco- Thursday
#04-Sandra and Jose- Lafayette Grill Saturday
#03-Sara Larocca – All-Night Tango
#02-Gayatri Martin- La Boca
#01-Rebecca Schulman

Michael Apologizes...Again?
right I apologized… Again, and While I’m at it let me also apologize for a few other important concerns and to a few most important people influential to the New York City Dance Tango Community.

Apology #10:
To the followers that is always complaining. I apologize that for some reason you can never be happier unless there is something or someone to complain about such as – There is not enough leaders, the music is too loud or the volume is too low, the ambiance needs this or that, you should have more cheese and less fruits or the other way around, the dance floor is this or that, you should invite this person or that person, you should play more of this or that, the light is to bright or dark, you need a bigger bathroom, I’m not coming back. I AM SORRY! I APOLOGIZE! I promise to do better for especially you…next year.

Apology #09:
To the beginners who simply may never understand. I apologized that you are finding out that you are not as good a dancer as you hope to believe you are in actuality, for the fact that you’re having an uncomfortable experience on the dance floor, for the times no one ask you to dance for 3-weeks in a row, for the reasons why today’s basic lesson was basic and not intermediate, that the Milonga started 30-minutes later than slated to begin, that I forgot to lead you to this or that, that I took your number and forget to call you…I AM SORRY! I Apologized that you did not always get what you hoped for. I promise to do better for especially you…next year.
Apology #08:
To my fellow dance Instructors who are very good at what they Do. I apologized that you don’t seem to understand that students are free to choose instructors based on personal appeal and effective results from the dance instructions they are paying for, that you don’t see it is counter-productive to compel another to believe no other instructors is as good as you think you are, that your undermining efforts to discourage the apparent progress of another dance instructor ultimately surfaced as your agony of defeat, that you cannot understand that there is enough students, more than enough paying students available to keep every good dance instructor reasonably busy overtime, that you do not understand that there is a significant difference between your experience as a dance instructor over your experience as a performer, that you slow to understand that incorrect (shot-cut) methods of dance instruction eventually makes you look bad as an instructor, that you cannot understand that it is ok teach the dance styles that you are absolutely sure you are good at. I apologize! Maybe, an instructor’s conference can help produce and instructors guide to Argentine Tango instructions…Next year
Apology #07:
To the Argentine’s specific to Tango cosmetology. I apologized that you can become very uncomfortable when there is constantly a rising appreciation for many dancers of the Argentine Tango who are not Argentine born, that very often it upsets you that there is a broader meaning to the term “Argentine” when it is suggestive in considerations – the dance “Argentine Tango”, that one day there maybe more people in the world, better Tango instructors, performers, leaders and followers who are aware that dancing the tango is not synonymous to the country of Argentina, that you (if you are an Argentine) would not worry that the cultural satire of Tango-Argentino is in fact reflective of a “world dance” and Argentines who are specific to the Tango Cosmetology are miss-appropriating themselves by striving to become wealthy on what is simply a myth. I apologize that even as this happens (As exist in NYC and many other Nuevo Dance Cities) some Argentines may never understand that cultural satire has nothing to do with art and dance – “World Dance”. I promise Argentine Tango lovers of the world will understand.

Apology #06:
To the leaders who feel cheated out of the followers choice. I apologized for the demised I’ve cause some of my fellow leaders. I did not mean to be rude; according to “Burly” it’s not my fault. Even if I had a choice now I cannot undo that fact that I am a better dancer than you are. I apologize for being a more talented person than you are, that I can dance with almost anyone without becoming consumed by the overriding desires compulsive to taking some of the dance experience to some place supposedly…quieter? I apologize to the leaders who feel that the partner they’re dancing with does not wish she was dancing with me instead. I promise to become less available in hopes that you won’t have to honor my presence whenever you see me dancing.
Apology #05:
To my Friends in the Tango scene whose unbelief’s are warranted? I apologized for being alternative-but-comely in-that my smile blisters like the morning sunlight, that I hold no grudge to you and the love of the tango. I agree that your unbelief’s can be treacherous so much that you can hurt yourself in your efforts to deprecate my character and slow my progressiveness. I apologize that unfortunately I remain steadfast in my grasp of the number-one priority – my ability to Ignore, “You” this is easier now because there is so much more to appreciate in the people who’s only hope is to have good eventful Tango experiences right here in NYC.
Apology #04:
To my devoted Milonga Patrons (the ones who never paid). I still appreciate you,  (I was being sarcastic when I say I would pay you to be here…) but I apologize I hadn’t say this sooner, I apologized that I was too busy dancing with someone else and not you, that you waited all night and I did not even noticed you were standing there…right there…over there? I apologize that I did not here the buzzer when you arrived too late, that I could not partner-up with you and spilt the proceeds of my Milonga, that I missed that opportunity you once presented to me? I apologize. I promise next year we will make amends…Next year.

Apology #03:
To my best students (the ones who will pay soon). I apologized for the reason you thought I was going to charge you a fee in the first place. I am a better instructor today because of you, I am sorry you felt I was about to remind you about paying when I was only saying a good hello at the Milonga, that you felt - maybe you should not come to my dance events because you think you owed me something. I sincerely apologize for the bad experience you have been having with your dancing, I know this because I’ve seen you dancing, and you have not improved.

Apology #02:
To my Dance Tango Partners (to be continued). I apologized to you (some of you) could not move on except you were convinced that I am totally eliminated from the face of the earth, my apologies: that often you imagine I could have been (needful) a better and best lover to a fraction of the ability noticeable in my dancing, that you (some of you) would prefer another chance to dance wherein you would not have had the overwhelming desires to proposed for the sake (risk) of not feeling rejected…my apologies to you (some of you)., that you (in your madly stimulating imagination) sought to conquer your emotions by ill beliefs and the imbalance of mentally construed “make-beliefs”, corrupt retardation in the passions which sometimes coexist Only after a single Tander…my apologies to you., (some of you)., my apologies also goes out to the extended prospective partners to who you have poison their minds forcing them to effectuate the same ill thoughts in their innocence…my apologies to them., (some of them). Finally, my apologies goes out to those Tango followers who thought many years ago that a stern pre-meditated rejection towards me was well prepared intentionally, whereas if I were to ever proposed a dance Tango you would surely execute the ultimate rejection…? My apologies to you in that you are still waiting, I apologies that you’ve notice better than you are excited and welcome the opportunity to say yes to my lead. Don’t worry I’ll approach you soon…? Next year.

Apology #01:-
To the Milonga promoters who appreciate our patronage. My apologies to you in that you felt that one day every local dance instructor seeking to advance themselves needed your approval and would have found the need to seek your wrights to pronounce their names at your milongas (for a price) that you would have approved certain instructors’ ability. Surely! Time has gone by and your invited guess instructors and performers today are not nearly as good as what you finally must appreciate in many existing local talents. My apologies for you…(and most promoters) on this behalf for your hastiness to identify yourself with the mighty dollar above the longevity of good talent. That your desire to use the mighty dollar as your guide to appreciate the people you’ve corrupt into attending one Milonga and not to attend certain other milongas…my apologies are mostly on behalf of you. The next $10 or $15 dollars makes all the difference in your Milonga. In fact it may be the reason why you’ve started promoting a Milonga in the first place. I apologize on your behalf and hope that you can see that there is much more value, self-fulfillment and gratification in the advancement of the Tango Dance as an art and not another opportunity for massive cut-throat promotions. It’s not about competition, Tango is “World Dance” similar to “World Music” give that opportunity to continue to spread without the dollar heavily attach to it. What the world needs today is an embrace.

Last weeks headlines news:
Southstreet Seaport Tango
Sundays all Summer – The South Street Seaport Tango “Show & Tell” Dancing continues, though all the upheavals and innocent discrepancies. Some things are best un-said or better have never been said. But we who believe should remember that if there is never (Free) dancing at the South Street Seaport again after this year we have only ourselves to be blamed.
C-you in 7:30-11pm on Sunday SAYS Michael.

Free Dance lessons at City Locations Starts in November
Free dance lessons in bars around the city – During the month of November. Michael Foster’s Dance Network will be introducing free dance lesson at a number of popular venues throughout the 5-boroughs of New York City beginning in the month of November.
They are to include: Bars, Restaurants, Dance Schools, Social Clubs, Gyms and Private Studios. Updates are available at Forum.

New York Tango Bar
NYTB – New York Tango Bar was established 5-years ago. Rooftop Tango con Swing, Tango Lounge and Milonga Tradicional. The events are coming again, bigger, better and we will be invited the best Tango and Friends Argentina has to offer.

New York Tango
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